Spa cover specifications


  • Spa Hyde vinyl specifically formulated for spa cover manufacturing.
  • Availability of 13 colors.
  • UV stabilized for 1,500 hours on Weatherometer.
  • 28 Oz. per linear yard.
  • Backed with 100% polyester.
  • Tested up to –10 degrees cold crack.
  • Mildew and antimicrobial resistant.
  • Fire retardant.

Solid Bottom Laminate (Underside)

  • 8oz Single laminate with 100% polyester scrim.
  • Chlorine and bromine resistant.

Additional Materials

  • Zippers are #8 nylon with zinc coated slides to prevent corrosion.
  • Covers are sewn with single strand coated and twisted 100% polyester thread.
  • 5/32 Welt cord is sewn around top perimeter to enhance appearance and increase seam strength.
  • 4 Secure key lock devices are sewn to straps to ensure safety and provide attachment of cover to spa cabinet.


  • Heat seals(2) are located at hinge area to prevent heat loss between halves of spa cover.
  • All skirts are extended at hinge area to ensure complete coverage of acrylic and to aid in the prevention of heat loss.
  • Specific stress areas of spa cover are reinforced with additional backing material.
  • Handles and straps are lined with reinforcement material.
  • Handle attachment assembly has 3 layers of reinforcement.
  • Hinge is double layered and lined with reinforcement material at corners to prevent tearing.
  • Interior bottom corners of cover at skirt extension are also reinforced for strength.
  • All straps and handles are “X” stitched for superior strength.
  • 4 - 2 Tapered spa covers have an “R” value of 19.7. 


  • Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) foam manufactured with all virgin beads.
  • EPS is tapered 4”-2” in 1.5 pound density (unless specified).
  • EPS is heat shrunk in 2 mil plastic to prevent water absorption.
  • EPS is reinforced with aluminum “C” channel imbedded in 4” end of foam to provide additional center strength.


  • All spa covers are labeled on each end of box listing model, color, and serial numbers (if needed).
  • After inspection each cover is packaged in 175# test cardboard boxes.
  • Shipping weight 65 LBS
  • Shipping Dimensions 4" or 5" tapered covers: 48 x 95 x 10 or 48 x 85 x 10
  • Shipping Dimensions 6" tapered covers: 48 x 95 x 12 or 48 x 85 x 12

All spa covers are UL classified as safety covers in accordance with ASTM F 1345-91 95SJ.